Why I created JPN Times

Hi to all my wonderful readers!

There’s something you need to know first of all.This blog can come to have original, random, personal or unusual content about whatever that affects me or breaks into my mind, but I’m afraid one of the stranger things you can find is its name itself. I mean, many name their blogs with a sentence, a name, a song’s lyric…but I don’t usually find blog’s names composed by initial letters or an acronym. So you may be wondering, what the heck does “JPN” mean?

Well that’s the main point of this page, since I’m aware JPN is something you would never relate to myself unless you knew me in person. My name is Javier, that’s why the J goes first, then P and N are the initial letters of my last names. Times is the key name to understand what this blog is all about.

So, coming back to the topic at hand, I created this blog with a goal and now it turns out to be one of the least important among the ones I’m trying to currently get ahead. I was in highschool when I created my blog early in 2011. I was about to pass my first official exam of english by Cambridge, and as you may imagine, I was way nervous. I wasn’t used neither to write nor to read in english (just the basic school stuff) and I knew I had to do something to better my skills with english language. So one day, I was googling some stuff about one of my favourite music bands (Evanescence) and I don’t know how , I ended up into a blog, a WordPress blog (concretely this one, A Demented Shark Blog  , which I really appreciate for it was the first blog I read in WordPress). Then I told to myself “what if I start my own blog in order to practice my writing?” So I did.

At the beginning I just wrote stupid stuff, about my tastes, books, or random things I felt like writing about. The thing is that, in less than one month, I could improve my writing enough as to pass with high mark that exam. Nonetheless, after that, I didn’t just get rid of my blog. What’s more, I got hooked to it!


In the second part of my WordPress experience, my blog transformed from being just a homework tool to being something else, way more else: a hobby, a community where I could know people from all over the world (and I LOVE that), a way to check out many other bloggers and know about them thanks to their blog, a way of relaxation…and last but not least, it kept being a way to improve my english. As said in the beginning, the main goal of creating a blog was finally placed as a secondary objective. It wasn’t and isn’t even an objective, just an extra advantage of having this blog.

Time went by quickly, and I had to handle with a hard senior year of Highschool plus the “Spaniard SAT” exam. The university I wanted to enter to demanded really high SAT and high marks, so those 2 last years have been a hell of a challenge and plenty of pressure. Fortunately, I was lucky enough and I could  get the required marks and now I am an 18  student of the university in question. Fulfilled my dream? Not at all, this is just the beginning.

That was like a little “bio” of myself lol, but this is not an “about me” page but an “about my blog” one. What I mean, is that , besides all the support of my family, friends, teachers and other people who backed me up as well, WordPress and the fact of blogging have been in someway one of the keystones that made me  succeed. I don’t know how to explain it, it just opened up my mind, made me more constant and consistent, and I could learn many things that I applied to my studies.

By the way, I could also take full advantage of “the english language” matter and took the opportunity to pass the FCE (B2) exam ^^. Now heading to the CAE!:P

So, getting back to the beginning of the post, the word Times perfectly defines my blog, like a newspaper about myself, about what’s going on on my mind. That’s why it can appear to be from a travel blog to a music or random thoughts one ^^

I always thought life is a succession of challenges that you must try to accomplish with all your strength. Keeping my blog alive has been one of them, and I feel like I fail up until now. I believe that there are a bunch of positive and useful things that I can learn from WordPress and all its fantastic bloggers, so from now on things are going to change and it’s time to give both my life and blog a complete shakedown! 🙂

7 Responses to “Why I created JPN Times”
  1. Kim says:

    I thought JPN stood for Japan ^^’

  2. Javi&Palace says:

    lol yeah it’s very similar!

    Inf act, fi you look for JPN Times in google, you’ll see the 3 first websites talk about japan, the fourth it’s my site 😛

    On the other hand, Japan it’s a nation or civilisation which I have ever admired… so I like people identify Japan with my blog.

    I wish the best for Japan right now 🙂

  3. Kim says:

    I wish for Japan the best as well, but the situation is still critical 😦

  4. Javi&Palace says:

    I will create my next post about them, explaining a bit their situation under my point of view ( not very specifically cause I’m not an expert in this theme , fukushima and so..but I can look for some news 🙂

    Luck japan!

    and thanks by stopping in my blog 🙂

  5. Andy Basseda says:


  6. Fiona.q says:

    i didnt know when you wrote this new page, but i noticed now anyway.
    i saw a new pic of you 😀 do not forget to update your introduction page about your age too, 18 year old JPN 😉

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