Change of Blog

wow wow wow!! It’s been a long time ago since I last wrote here. Maybe the fact my laptop was broken and that I hadn’t really much time to write have something to do 😛

Days ago I decided to start a new blog. I changed my user as well. This was my first wordpress blog ever, and I appreciate it, through this blog I’ve met fantastic bloggers and people around.

But now I wanted to change of thematic and leave the past behind, so I decided to start a new blog mainly focused on something that I really like: Cinema (well, TV series and shows, OST and everything realted with the seventh art).

Now that I have time for writing again, I can start this new challenge more motivated than ever and ready to keep writing and reading your fantastic blogs.

Here you can visit my recently created blog:

I’ll soon contact many of you guys with the new user. I wouldn’t like to lose sight of the blogs I’ve read for two years ^^

See you soon around guys, it’s been a pleasure, and it will still be!

One Response to “Change of Blog”
  1. DAKOTA says:

    Good to know where I can read your blog now. Here’s my e-mail:

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

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