A new experience…

Hi pals,

Last Thursday the college started for me. I always thought that when that day came, I could barely control my nerves and that I would definitely feel lost. Nonetheless, it wasn’t like that. More than nervous, I was curious and willing to start a new phase in my life, probably one of the most important phases. And in few hours, everything started to be more familiar. You begin to assimilate that, this place, is the place where you are going to spend the next four years (or even more if you do some masters) as a student, and that this is the place where you will turn into a professional on whatever you study. The step from a simple student to a well-prepared professional will be taken there. You say to yourself “don’t feel it is an unknown and awkward place, this is now your new home”.

Here you can make yourself an idea about where my college is located in Barcelona. The building with its roof full of solar panels.

As soon as I got there, I began to meet new friends and teachers. I’d already changed once from highschool, so I knew how it felt to be new in a brand new place, to leave your old friends behind and meet new ones. But despite of this, the moment was special too, like a new experience. When you change of school, you go to a place where everyone knows each other, and you are the strange guy there. In the college, at least the first year, your future partners don’t know each other, or only know a few people who were already known ones before getting to the college. That makes the fact of meeting new people even easier, because everyone wants to make new friends, not only you.  And even if I only came to know a 15% of my class partners those first days (24 out of 160 mates approximately), I’m sure we’ll all get along with the rest in the next couple of weeks.

The funny thing is that, in front of the building where I’m staying at in Barcelona, there is a school , and from my window, I’m able to see its play-ground crowded by hundreds of kids playing and laughing. It makes me think that, not long ago, I was like them, innocently playing with my school pals a football match or whatever. Every morning when I wake up I see them (don’t worry, I’m in a 5th floor so noises barely reach my flat ^^) and it makes me feel that way, a bit nostalgic and a bit older, yes.
Barcelona’s such a fantastic city where to study, and the university Pompeu Fabra seems to be great, with a really student ambience and great professionals teaching you. Being there motivates me, cause I know I’m there thanks to my means, my effort and sacrifice. And I know I didn’t get that far to fail now, I’m there to succeed. And I know I can. All I need for it is within me, it depends only on me. I’ll give it all I got because I know why I’m there, and I’m not gonna stop till I get my shot.  Let’s get the job done!

See you soon,


4 Responses to “A new experience…”
  1. Fiona.q says:

    new fresh start, all the best Javi 😉

  2. Hey my Friend, it’s been a pleasure watching you grow in the last couple of years and I know you’ll do well in what ever you pursue.in life!

    • Javier says:

      Thank you so much Michael. It’s also been a true pleasure to me to share the last half and a year our blogs, experiences, quotes…a little piece of our lives 🙂

      Hope to be around here soon, more actively than ever!

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