Barcelona, there we go!

Hi dear readers,

This summer has been like a huge break for me. Believe it or not, I didn’t do anything of special, just common stuff. I’m fortunate enough to have beach just some miles away from where I live, so it’s a matter of no more than 10 minutes to reach it and sunbathe or go swimming a bit. I was with my family, since summer is one of few times during the year when we can all manage to meet at a same place.

Also hanged out with my friends and said goodbye to those who are going to study abroad or just won’t see  them again any sooner. It was a different summer. I made no trip abroad because I was focusing on well preparing everything for university start in September, and I just wanted to stay and relax, and enjoying what it’s been the last summer with all my friends from school and city. I also took the opportunity to do more sport than usual since I had plenty of time, and read some books I had pending of reading (Game of Thrones for instance), stayed overnight swimming in my pool, made some rural excursions… However, this summer I decided to get rid of everything that works out with electric stuff. That’s the reason why I’ve been that away from WordPress.

Bye bye summer, see you next year :/

But the break has come to its end, and now I’m definitely back 100% rested and motivated! 🙂 I decided, for the second time, to renew my blog’s interface. I thought that if I was going to live in my blog this new chapter of my life, it well deserved a “new look”. I also re-edited both “about” and “why i created this blog” pages since I didn’t quite like the way I wrote the oldest ones. I first decided to just change the header, and I ended up changing everything lol It took me 3 hours to get everything set up.

Barcelona, the city I’m moving to, it’s going to be  one of the main topics of my upcoming posts. I’ll spent 5 out of 7 days a week there (except Christmas and Summer vacation, still far away in time though ^^) so I won’t lack of material to write about lol. You’ll see, I’ll show you what a fantastic city Barcelona is.

I’m facing this new challenge of living alone in a bigger city and studying on my own with confidence, motivation and enthusiasm. I’m sure this Autumn is hiding good surprises and experiences for me, and I’m fretfully waiting to discover them!

The Olympic Towers “Mapfre” and “Arts hotel” near the place I’ll be staying (Paseig Marítim) Harbor.

See you soon,

Javier. 😀

2 Responses to “Barcelona, there we go!”
  1. Alex says:

    Good luck on this new adventure!!

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