Holy Week in Spain II ( Málaga)

Well, after a break of about 14 days, here we are with the second part of the Holy Week I lived in Málaga 🙂

This time, I’ll show you more about the city and less about the parades ^^ I hope you like it.

In these pictures you can see the view we had from our hotel (Málaga), from the eighth floor. One, looking on the horizon and the second one just aiming down the street ^^


The hotel had a modern slide near the reception desk, and when my little brother caught a glimpse of it, he didn’t hesitate a single second and flew upstairs to slide down! You can easily imagine who went after him down the slide lol.

The upcoming pictures were taken near and in front of the Cathedral of Málaga.


In this Square we stopped in a Cafe. It was a sunny day and it was a relief to find somewhere to sit down and relax under the shadow of a big parasol.


The Cathedral of Málaga was impressive! We couldn’t go inside for it was closed by this time, although we wouldn’t have had time enough.

The walls of Málaga, symbol of the city, and roman ruins near the walls.

At night, we went again near the main streets in order to see few more parades and the nightlife of Málaga.

And again, we could see more thrones in the parades, accompanied again by drums, trumpets and all that stuff ^^


So that was all! I will be showing you some pictures of Malaga’s beach in an upcoming post. However, last 26th April I went to a concert of Il Divo, as I told you in an older post, and I also want to share with you a pair of videos and some pictures 🙂


See you soon!

2 Responses to “Holy Week in Spain II ( Málaga)”
  1. eva626 says:

    great photos..love the architecture !!!

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