Why am I feeling melancholic?

Hi again, dear bloggers and readers.

As you may have realised, I haven’t been active at all since I last posted here. I really wanted to read your new posts guys, my WordPress family 😦

But you know,  every time more my studies are taking all my free-time… Fortunately, we’ll soon have a little holiday which will last one week. Resting, blogging, reading and travelling are the things I’m planning to do during these near vacation. Then it could be a nice moment to catch up with all your blogs, which I really feel like reading right now!

As to the post’s title, what can I say. Maybe “melancholic” isn’t the right word, because this would mean to be really depressed or gloomy, and of course I don’t feel that way. ( What’s more, it is really hard to make me sad ^^ I like to be cheerful!). It’s just that right now I’ve got many thougts “flying” over my mind and I’m kind of doubtful. This is why today, I wanted to feature a song called “Melanconia” , which means melancholy, by Il Divo. I am not sure whether you know who am I talking about.

(Urs, Carlos, Sébastien and David)

Well, Il Divo is an amazing “operatic pop vocal” group composed of four male singers: A Spanish, a French, an American from San Diego and a Swiss. This quartet can combine their voices and turn whatever song into something of magic and breathtaking. They have created a new music-style by themselves and have already sold more than 26 million albums worldwide to date (regarding Wikipedia, but I already knew it lol). To this I could add lots of other prices and rewards.

One of the things that I like the most about them, is that they do sing in 4 languages: Spanish, French, Italian and English, so they make or sing really international music. It’s funny because you can see to each one of them feeling perfectly “at home” when they sing in their own language. These four languages are so beautiful to sing!

Last year, they were at the Coliseum in London to give an awesome recital(1st August). When i watched it on TV, I really felt like going to one of those concerts! So hey, my wish might have come true! If there aren’t any unforeseen issues, next 26th April I will meet them in Barcelona’s concert of Il Divo, at “Palau Sant Jordi” (Saint Jordi Palace). I’ll be among the 20 thousand lucky people who will assist at the concert, too crowded for my taste ¬¬…but this is just another thing that proves how successful they are 🙂

I’ve already told you that my tastes for music are really varied. In fact, I think I can come to like every style of music or at least,  a specific song of such style. And I’m sure that listening to this guys after the stressing exams can be the cusp of relaxation ^^

Well, after all I’ve explained about them I’m almost sure that you wouldn’t say no to listening to one of their songs. Please, let me know what you think about them. Do you share my opinion? 🙂

That was a live transmission on TV (precisely at the Coliseum concert that I told you about), so as you may understand it cannot be as perfect as the original record. If you wanna listen to it, here you go the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6n3SKg88e0

Have a nice weekend!

11 Responses to “Why am I feeling melancholic?”
  1. Bama says:

    I’ve noticed your absence in the blogosphere, Javi. Now I know why 🙂
    By the way, Il Divo is also popular here in Indonesia. In fact they have held several concerts in Jakarta.

  2. Fiona.q says:

    i have guessed that you were busy with study, dont worry 😉
    the holiday you mean.. is that Easter? lol
    take a breath, and just be cheerful, that’s Spanish spirit 😀

    • Javi&Palace says:

      Yeah, Always cheerful ^^

      Well, in Spain my week holiday is called Semana Santa or “Holy Week” as a kind of translation, but in UK they say Easter yes. ( Although in Uk they have vacation one week before than us)

      It is related to Jesus Christ’s life, and here in Spain you can see amazing procession or parades with militars and “The Christ of Mena” holded by them. It’s awesome to witness such an evenement, and If i’m lucky enough, I’ll be in Malaga when they do so ^^

      • Fiona.q says:

        that’s so cool! bring back some good wine 😉
        yes, this year i’m gonna celebrate Easter in Europe too. but on the other side of Europe compared with Spain 😛
        take care and talk to you soon.

  3. James says:

    Hola Javi!

    No te preocupes, ya sé que estás muy liado con tus estudios. Aunque he vuelto a Hong Kong, todavía sigo pensando en tu país. Hace un año estaba en Valencia celebrando Las Fallas!! Te deseo las mejores notas en tus exámenes, y que descanses mucho durante Semana Santa.

    • Javi&Palace says:

      Muchas gracias, amigo mío 🙂

      me encantaría ir a Hong Kong algún día…debe ser increíble!

      Las Fallas! These are great! Cant tell that being so near of them I havent gone a single time yet! Maybe I should ^^

      Espero poder leerte pronto, James 🙂 Sigue haciendo tus magníficos reportajes!

  4. Purely.. Kay says:

    I haven’t heard Il Divo in such a long time but it is remarkable to hear them sing. Thanks for posting this video Javi 🙂

    • Javi&Palace says:

      Your welcome, Kay 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it as I did !

      Do you also like their kind of music? Some people say they sing maybe too operatic, but I like this charming style…is different from the other music styles to which we are so used!

      ( I don’t know if it’s correctly to use “to which”… :S)

  5. siska says:

    Yes, I know Il divo. Melancholia is one of my favourites among others, such as halelujah and night in white satin

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