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Dear readers and bloggers,


It has been some time since I wanted to make a post like this. Nonetheless, I just hadn’t the time enough to write it because of my studies and other projects I was working on. It’s also true that writing in english it takes me longer than writing in spanish or french, because every time I do it, I try to overcome myself, writing in many different ways using new words, new expressions and whatever that can help me to improve when writing this beautiful and special language, in which I really love writing. Unfortunately, I’m still making some faults that I hope will disappear as soon as possible!

Well, it will be soon the first anniversary of my blog (february). Believe it or not, it’s been almost a year since I started to write here. When I did so, I had just one goal: getting more fluent in my english writing and understanding (such selfishness!!). But, in the course of time, I realised that this initial goal was being replaced by another one: meeting new people. I understood that, by reading their blogs, I could come to know them in a deeper way. And, unconsciously, I was practising my initial goal by carrying out the second one. I met very nice people from many different countries such as Canada, United States, China, Hong Kong, France, United Kingdom, Russia, Austria and so on. Among those people, there are around 25 of their blogs that I usually  check the most. Today, I wanted to put them here and dedicate a short speech to each one describing theme briefly, because they are special for me. I have learnt a lot of things from them through their  blogs, and they have also helped me so much with my english 🙂 Thank you guys.

That does not mean that I don’t read other blogs. Sometimes I check Freshly Pressed, or the blogs of the bloggers that are commenting in the blogs that I already read. Both are fantastic ways of discovering new and passionate bloggers. The order in which the blogs appear does not signify that that some are better than others .It’s a random list.

A Demented Shark’s Blog

The first blog I read in WordPress. And probably, the reason for which I started to write in my own blog. I think that this is a very atypical blog that immediately caught my eye. we both love Evanescence, that’s another point :P!!

PCC Advantage

I’ve learnt so much by reading your blog! Every one of your posts ha ssomething useful and unic to say.  A perfect model of a versatile blogger without doubt. I really recommend to drop by this amazing blog, it will easily become one of your favourites.

Pure Complex

She is one of the most active bloggers I’ve ever seen. Day after day, you can find new and totally different material on her blog. Furthermore, the design of her site is elegant, clean and very attractive. She can make posts about such a variety of topics! Architecture, cinema, music, food, decoration…

Michael DThomas Photography

My Friend, your quotes with your pictures have always something to teach us. Your photography always has something hidden in it,a message, a feeling, whatever.

Take a picture…it will last longer!

I’ve fell in love with the new look of her blog and the pictures in it. 365 days of unforgettable captures and counting!

Plus Ultra

Who needs Discovery Channel or National Geographic having such a blog to hand?!  😉

Project Attempters

She is russian and knows  english and french perfectly. I don’t know if she knows more languages :P. Her blog is really amazing given the subject that she is working on: A blog devoted to those who attempted suicide. It’s really admirable and interesting.

Photographic Memories Hallysann

Reviving old times through pictures…Telling a story to remind someone of something  can be funny and nostalgic, but having an image to tell it is even better!

AJ’s Photo Lab

“Every photo has something to say” is his motto. Drop by his blog, and you’ll understand why 😉

Dakota D Journal

I long to be like you, my New-zealander friend! A life of travelling all around the world and taking breathtaking pictures of everything that you visit. I would define your blog as a window through which you can see many parts of the world in 1080p Blu-ray High Definition 😛

Young Wifey’s blog

In this curious blog you can find hundreds of ways to transform your house, decorate it, complement, etc…Also cooking stuff, so all-inclusive! 🙂

Designed by ann

A cozy and personal blog that I really enjoy reading. Now, she’s started another blog about the amazing city of Athens. I won’t miss it!

Iñigo Boy

The first time I visited this blog I was surprised. Iñigo’s best live moments are kept in this blog with funny and interesting pictures or stories. This blog will be a true treasure for him, and it’s really amusing to read the childhood of Iñigo 🙂

Born to try

This chinese (Shangai) girl called Fiona always has something interesting to tell in her blog, stressing the point of friendship and travelling.

Rumpy Dog

If you do like dogs, cats, dogs and cats this blog will suit with you! The funny adventures and anecdotes that happens to Rumpydog are worth reading without doubt. This is such a funny site that reminds me of the film titled “Cats & Dogs”.

D1657589’s blog

DD’s got true skills for writing, a true story-teller who uses an analytical writing. Sometimes, I find it kind of philosophical…;)


No matter what they talk about, her posts and pictures will always make you laugh out loud lol! But you can also find true artistic and interesting stuff. The variety of its content amazes me.

What an amazing world!

If you want to see very nice pictures and interesting anecdotes about : Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Austria, Belgium, Britain, France and Germany . What are you waiting for? Click in the link above :D!

Well guys, forgive me if I wasn’t original enough with the remarks or comments lol, in fact I like every of these postfor different reasons but sometimes, I just can’t find the words to explain it 😛 Another thing that I’ve appreciated is that most of you like or love photography. It’s nice to see the contrast between the pictures in one blog and another.

All of you became special for me, for many reasons. I know that sometimes I may stop reading you for a while, but whenever I have the time,  you know that I will take a look because I know that I will be a 99% happier, wiser, cultured and better in english after each visit 🙂

In time, this list will be extended. But you guys , will always be my family in wordpress, and I’m happy and proud to have known and found you. Thanks for everything you have taught and will teach me 🙂 ( Soon in my blogroll lol)

I feel as if I have forgotten someone…if I did, forgive me, I will immediatly edit this post.

26 Responses to “WordPress family…”
  1. eva626 says:

    happy blog-anniversary…

    i was just watching modern family! lol

    • Javi&Palace says:

      Really? lol such a curious thing

      I found so funny the “Modern Family” picture that I decided to bit modify it and immediatly upload it on my blog lol, it really suits with the post :P!


  2. Bama says:

    Javi, thank you so much for mentioning my blog in this post. I feel honored and humbled at the same time. I hope one day when I go back to Europe I can make it to Spain. You live in such a beautiful country!

  3. Young Wifey says:

    Happy Blogiversary Javi! Your English is beautiful! You’re right, blog families are fantastic! Thanks for the beautiful shout out!

  4. Javi, I am so impressed with your blog and your English! I have lived in Spain for 6 years and speak Spanish all the time (my partner is Spanish and does not speak English) but although I am fairly fluent I don´t think I would have the confidence to write in Spanish. Congratulations to you – what a great way to improve your already excellent skills. ¡Enhorabuena!

  5. You are such a wonderful person Javi :). I feel so honored to be apart of your WordPress family :). And thank you for saying such sweet words about my blog, you know I adore your blog and your photos as well. I can’t wait to check out the other blogs.

    • Javi&Palace says:

      It is me who must be honored Kay 😉 You’ve always been my commenter number 1 and I really appreciate that, a person like you who is so busy with her AMAZING blog, take the trouble to come and drop by 🙂

      Thank you 😉

  6. Fiona.q says:

    you definitely have a very soft heart which makes you embrace and treasure things and people around you. GLAD to know you, Javi.

  7. dd16591569 says:

    Happy anniversary.. I am Honoured to be part of the blogs you like and visit.. and fo sure this blogging world has brought us all together from all over the word
    See you around and good work on your Blog you have very good wrtiting style .. like your writing and all what you share 🙂

  8. Awww….Javi! Thank you so much for the mention and for your kind words! I don’t even know what to say! 🙂

    I’m so glad that you enjoy my blog, but I’m not sure it’s as interesting as you think it is…lol!

    You’re very sweet, and I’m so glad that we’ve connected and we’re part of the “WordPress family”. 😉

    P.S. Happy Almost Anniversary!! 😀

  9. Javi&Palace says:

    Thanks Christy, and yes, for me it is incredibly interesting 🙂

    I’m also glad to have met you and found your blog. You don’t know how much I’ve learnt from you! And I’m sure I will learn a lot of things in your upcoming posts 🙂

    See you soon Christy!

  10. James says:

    Muchísimas gracias Javi, how much you flatter me!

    I never really thought of WordPress in those terms but I guess it really does make sense – somos una familia sin fronteras, sin duda. 😉 Happy almost anniversary, English is a difficult language (because it just doesn’t make sense) so keep practicing and writing!

    Algún día tenemos que quedar, en España o cualquier país!!

    • Javi&Palace says:

      Eso sería un auténtico placer para mí, James! Cualquier viaje que hagamos podríamos quedar if we plan it before 🙂

      At the beginning, I didn’t think about WP like that, but with time I realised that it has many meanings and utilities 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by again amigo mío!

  11. Nadia Elpis says:

    “forgive me if I wasn’t original enough with the remarks”

    You were very original, Javier! Nobody has EVER said that I speak perfect English and French!
    By the way, Spanish is next on my list. As soon as I find time to dive into it, I will ask for your help (I hope you won’t say no ;)).

    I find this particular post of yours very sweet. I really like your approach to blogging (and your honesty).

    Thank you again for mentioning my Project ATTEMPTERS. I am honored.

    P.S.: Me too, I love Evanescence. 🙂

  12. Javi&Palace says:

    I would be delighted of helping you with spanish, in everything you needed 😉

    Well, no one could say that you do not speak a perfectly and cultured english/french after reading your blog 😉

    Thanks to you Nadia, your project is amazingly interesting and I’m sure it has/will help/ed many people. You know the honor is mine for the just fact that a great blogger like you is commenting on my humble blog 🙂

    I will be soon updated with your blog, I missed a few posts :S

  13. Iñigo says:

    Thanks, Javi for considering me a part of your WordPress family 🙂 I am deeply honored. I love your blog too. Happy anniversary to your blog and I wish you more blogging power ahead!

  14. Wow Javier, thank you for writing about me:)

  15. Sony Fugaban says:

    WordPress Family sounds really cool! Like you, I also gave rise to my blog to refine my knowledge in the English Language — and to promote the beauty of the Philippines. I owe them BIG TIME.

  16. Sony Fugaban says:

    Also, to learn a lot of things and set foot on the different parts of the globe knowing that I don’t have the means yet to go for a leisure trip abroad. Seeing what a blogger’s post/s about the beautiful landscapes or places of his country brings me great joy and that certainly complements the yearning — to see the beauty of the world.

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