A feast for the eye…

Not long ago, I went to Zaragoza (Spain), a beautiful city with a population of over 700.000 , which is crossed by the river Ebro, one of the longest rivers in Spain.  I was trying to recover my pictures about the city, when I found the one that I’m sharing with you today.

In the picture, you can see  in the background the “La Basilica del Pilar de Zaragoza”, a precious symbol of the city. In the foreground, the river Ebro and the bridge “El Puente de Piedra”, known by its 4 lions on the columns at the two entrances (unfortunately, they cannot be appreciated in this general photograph).

I’d have liked to share more and better pictures about this breathtaking temple, so when I remind about where I stored them, I promise I will. By now, here you are!

El Pilar and El Ebro

Have a nice day, friends.

9 Responses to “A feast for the eye…”
  1. Very nice my Friend!….Hope you find your pictures.

  2. Wow.. that photo is absolutely amazing Javi. You definitely captured a beautiful shot

  3. Kim says:

    Think, Javier, think! 😀

  4. Wow! That’s beautiful, Javi! 🙂

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