Thanks California!

Hi again,

Listen to music, listen to life!

I will start the “month”/week/ or two weeks of music in JPN Times (it depends on whether I have many artists to share or not :P). Also, I’ll close this month with Halloween October 31st).
Not long ago, I added a “Visit counter” on my sidebar ( left sidebar downwards you’ll see a kind of board with 12 different flags).  Although I do not have an enormous traffic of visitors, I have always wondered where the people who visit my blog are fromI have already known some of you because I have known you since long ago. ( In fact, I will soon make a post about “my family in WordPress”, the bloggers I consider my family in this community. I’d rather prefer them ( 15 around) than getting 100000 new visitors each month 🙂 )…
But what about the rest of the readers?

It looks like this...but less visitors lol!

I  took this idea from the blog of my friend, James  (notesplusultra) when I saw that counter on his sidebar. I said to myself “Let’s try that widget”!The results are really funny. People from all over the world ( even if it’s just one person per country) have visited this blog! : Japan, Africa, Australia, Brasil, Netherlands, Indonesia, China… I didn’t expect that!
As I can see in the counter, I’m mostly visited by Americans ( regarding to the counter around 150 unique american visitors since I added it (12 days ago)). They represent the 30%. Among them, I’m mostly visited by those who are from California.

So, seizing the opportunity, I will dedicate the first song of my “music month” to Californian people (and the rest of you, bloggers, of course!). Here you go!

8 Responses to “Thanks California!”
  1. Koneko says:

    That’s pretty awesome actually 😀 Where did you get that tool? *jealous*
    Hotel California ♥

  2. Javi&Palace says:

    I love eagles 🙂

    Nice to see you again, Koneko!

    Click on my flag counter, it’s free to get one. Don’t even bother about stats, that’s just a curious thing, for fun. That’s all. You know, sometimes it is quite better having 15 good bloggers who read you than having 10 thousand who don’t even care about you 😉

    But yeah, it’s quite funny to know where are the people who visit you from 🙂

  3. Hey my Friend, Thanks for the California shout out!

    • Javi&Palace says:

      Oh, you are welcome mate! I was in debt with californian people 😛 WIth this song I payed out the deal lol

      Joking, one of my favourite songs. I know it by heart 🙂

  4. James says:

    Oye Javi! Perdóname por no haberte respondido, yo salí de viaje el mismo día que escribiste el mensaje. He estado en Canadá casi 3 semanas con muy poco acceso a internet – mañana vuelvo a Hong Kong y puedes esperar unos artículos sobre esta parte del mundo. Luego seguimos con la gran serie española que te prometí antes. Espero que te guste la nueva entrada sobre San Sebastián!

    • Javi&Palace says:

      Hey amigo! Do not worry at all 😉

      Espero que lo hayas pasado GENIAL en Canadá 🙂 Que envidia! I wish I could go there someday 🙂

      Espero ansioso tus nuevos posts amigo. Eres un grande ;)!

  5. I have an art project due in a few weeks. I think i’m going to paint my interpretation of the many facets of love and friendship.

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