Playing with Photscape

First of all, I wanted to say thanks to Michael (from for the idea.

After using Photoscape ( A free photography edition program) in my last post, I liked it so much that I wanted to do another post about that. The point is to transform real pictures on “another kind of pictures” by adding textures, effects,etc… The result can be as original as beautiful. So I decided to get to the job at hand.

I drowned into my folders of pictures of my trip to Poland, and choice  six or seven curious images that I haven’t already show in my blog. I added a different effect or texture to each photograph. Tell me what you think and which is your favourite one 🙂


Well, in this picture you can see the entrance of a polish restaurant (Restauracja), surrounded by many kinds of plants. So now, the next 5 pictures, I’ll show you some modifications that I’ve done with the original pic, using Photoscape.

Aren’t the effects cool? 😀 Which was your favourite one?

Below I’ll show you some of my other creations (lol), but this time, without showing the original pic.

As if I had drawn myself this plant and the pink flowers, just by profiling the plant borders with black marker and half-light.

I oppose colours in this photograph in which you can see the Wisla river and some green trees…well, now white and purple trees 😛

Another time the “aquarelle” effect. It reminds me to a painting of my grandfather lol.

This is my favourite one. I took this picture from the plane, just when we were landing in Warsaw. I’ve given a “black and white” texture to this pic and, then, added an “illusion” effect that shows 3 times the same photograph in the picture, creating an…Illusion lol.

Well, that was everything I wanted to share with you today. The images are not blurbs of photoscape, of course not. Just I found that interesting and I wanted to show you the final results. Try it if you want, it’s very useful to touch up your details in your pictures 🙂

Thanks Michael for the idea you gave me 😀

4 Responses to “Playing with Photscape”
  1. Young Wifey says:

    Javier, what a beautiful building! I love the third modification! I also like the aquarelle effect, it reminds me of Monet’s art.

  2. Wow.. you did a wonderful job with these photos. Photo Manipulation is a lot of fun. Michael is a great photographer.

    • Javi&Palace says:

      Yes, he is. And I like his quotes too 😛

      Of course I had a great time while doing this post, cause you have many options to manipulate photographs with photoscape 🙂

      See you BabyG!

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