Amy Lee and Evanescence are finally back! (11/10/11)

Great news my dear readers/bloggers!

Long time I’ve been waiting to hear this new. As you all know, I’m a great fan of “Evanescence” (moreover of Amy Lee, the vocalist of the band). I was getting more and more disappointed with the band, because since their last CD ( The Open Door) released on 2006, they hadn’t done nothing of new again…just a few singles like “Together again“.

And then, to my utter surprise and confusion, while I was reading the blog of another’s Evanescence fan (DementedShark), I realised that Amy had released a new single called “What you want” as an appetizer for us, of her new Album coming in 11 OCtober of this year. At last, it was about time omg!

To confirm the information that I read, I went to the official site of Evanescence. So yes, as you can see below, my friend Alex was right:

Now it’s more than a whisper, more than a few rumours in you tube, so we can trust that information cause it’s official as you can see above, in the web header from . The band is composed now by new members, new music styles, new lyrics and philosophy and a new Amy full of surprises awaiting us in the new Album.  It’s gonna be a dark an epic CD.

By the way, wanted to tell you something of curious. I’m not rather sure if it will be like that, but I’ve been told that the new Evanescence’s Album/CD is going to be called like the band’s name, Evanescence. That’s weird because, under the name of Evanescence, they have always used to put different titles for their CDs, as in : Fallen, The Open Door, Anywhere but Home and so on…

They say that this one could be the last work of Amy for Evanescence…I’m not sure. But what I’m sure of, is that she is not going to let us down with her new CD. She’s been working really hard to record it. So many years of work should bring us something of good, don’t you think? Hope I’m not wrong with that.

Ok, I will leave off talking and show you one of the new singles of Amy. Tell me what you think. As for myself, all I can say is that I’m really happy of listening to Amy singing again. Maybe this one is not the best single of the album (anyhow I think it’s very intensive and full of emotion, mixing metal with a little bit of pop), but by now, I got no more Ev’s singles I could compare with this one. We’ll have to wait till 11 October 😦

I think this album will be worth the money instead of downloading it.

Just Enjoy!

(Pictures that I’ve used in this post are just “crops” that I’ve made with Paint, from the next website:

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