Summer is finally over…!

And yes! Summer’s end is really near. It’s a pity to see how fast days pass, and you cannot do nothing to make time slower. The fact is that I always say the same: Summer is a little break you take to get stronger, preparing yourself for next year. New emotions, surprises, exams, songs, films, books, trips and so are awaiting for you next year, the upcoming year. So cheer up, even if summer is over, a great year is awaiting for you 😉

I was testing a program that I use to use frequently to touch up my pictures : Photoscape. It’s easier than Photoshop CS2, and it has a lot of options you can combine to create nice effects on your photographs. However, it’s not so complete as Photoshop, but well, it’s a good program to do simple things with your pics.

Well, I discovered a kind of texture named “Aquarelle”, and I tested it on one of my Poland’s pictures that I took in a Krakow Park. The result was breathtaking. My real picture became in a drawing in seconds. To transform reality pictures on a drawing it’s really cool. See, I’ll show you.


With this picture I say “Good Bye Summer”! ( I Know that an image with the sea and the beach would be better to represent summer but I found this onereally beautiful, and it was taken in June :P)

A walk through the park...


Now I’m back. I’ve been absent those past days. Let’s make a challenge: 4 out of 7 days in a week I’ll try to post something interesting there 😀

Glad to be back with you guys,


8 Responses to “Summer is finally over…!”
  1. Nice touch!
    When you get some time could you share the before shot with me, I would like to see how they compare.
    As always my friend,,Nice work!

  2. Wow.. this looks amazing. I like Photoshop but I always look for new programs that will give me a more features. I just love a new program. Great photo painting as well 🙂

  3. A J says:

    Same here at India too. Check out my shot at:

    Co-incidentally we are talking on same topic. See you 🙂

    • Javi&Palace says:

      Hey my friend, how are you? Yeah, I will definitely visit your site to see that amazing pic you are talking about.
      India sounds great!!
      And yes, we are talking about the same topic lol

  4. Very nice photo, Javi! I can’t believe that summer is over already…it went by WAY too quickly!

    Good to have you back on here, though…haha. 🙂

    • Javi&Palace says:

      yes you are right, too quickly… I’d like to have a time-machine sometimes

      yes, I’m glad of being back again. Let’s see what stuff I imagine to share in the blog, now that travels abroad are over too lol.

      I think I’ll try to upload less photographs and write more text… After all, the point of this is to better write in english so… 😛

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