With this I end my “Poland posts list”. All that I can say, is that even if Krakow is more touristic than Warsaw, and more beautiful, Warsaw still having something that makes of this city a “must-visit” place. As I’ve said many times, it may have its beauty hidden…

Krakow was a really nice place to visit. The ambient was younger, and in the night you could hear party’s songs, opened discos and so on… A beauty of city with no doubt. Better conserved than Warsaw ( and less affected by the second world war, that’s the point) structures and buildings were more agreeable of seeing and I used to take many pictures of the colorful buildings. My favourite place is the center of the city, a big square in which you can see a huge cathedral and other breathtaking structures. I’ll show you!


The Dragon of Krakow, about to eat a little kid….!!! ( The dragon spat out fire through his mouth  each… 5 minutes I guess)



The river Wisla in a sunny day ( As you can see in the reflections of the sun in the agitated water). Many people were having a walk along the coast of the river.


In the upcoming pictures ( Including the one above) I will show you a bit about the Wavel Castle of Krakow. An Imposing and majestic structure full of history. There was a crypt where  , I think to remember, the president of Poland and his wife ( who died in the disastrous plane accident) are buried in. That’s curious because they used to bury ONLY Kings there, not political members.


Amazing how the green plants hang on over all the wall!

The inside part of the castle…really beautiful. It seemed to be a rich palace!

You can read some carved inscriptions in the wall that say: Non nobis domine non nobis sed….. It reminds me of a Templar speech related with God. That’s what I told to my partner when we were looking at this. We both haven’t no answer for that 😛

That giant bell is inside the Tower of the casttle. I got a little bit of vertigo up there, the stairs were really narrow and they did Crac Crac, so old they are lol.

Church of Saint Paul and San Peter


That’s a nice shot! I’m surprised cause I didn’t remember how the f… I took this pic. What a weird stance for taking a photo…but with a cool result!

And yes, this is the Cathedral of Krakow,  near the market in the center of the city.




A view of the square by nicht, at dusk.


To sum up, an amazing trip. In fact, I think that every trip can be as amazing as  the other, because it’s a non-stop of sightseeing, and visit new ways of life and new people. And I love to do that.

I’ll be out for a week in Madrid. See you when I’m back, my friends! Enjoy the rest of the summer!


9 Responses to “Krakow”
  1. Thanks again for taking me on your travels! Great shots.

  2. I absolutely love your photos Javi. Your eye for a great photo is definitely developing. I love these.

  3. Great photos, Javi! Thanks for sharing your travels with us. 😀

    • JP says:

      hey christy! I’ll be back soon, so I will be up to date with all your posts. Cant wait to start reading you!!!

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  4. Itziar says:

    I love your photos Javi, and I think that I have to give you my congratulations for thr JPN Times.
    It is INCREDIBLE!!!
    see you soon (ja ja ja)

    • Javi&Palace says:

      Yep what a nice surprise to see you by there , my friend! Glad you liked it!
      I will have to wait more than a week till I start again doing new posts… cause I’m working on a project which requieres of all my free-time! 😛

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