Warsaw II

Hello again !

As I promised, here you are the second post about my trip to Warsaw. It’s been a while since my last post ( a month :O), but you know, summer it’s full of trips, extra-work, lot of “family meetings” and so on….

Before the beginning, I’d like to mention about Norway (Oslo) and the singer Amy. From here, in my humble blog,  in loving memory of the victims who died in the attempt of Oslo not long ago. By the way, one of my cousins was there with his girlfriend the same day that all happened. Maybe he can tell me something of interesting, that I could share with you in another post 🙂

I told you that the second Warsaw’s post would be more friendly,  engaging and colourful. In the next days I will try to be on the making of the post about Krakow. Enjoy i


A beautiful pic which shows one of the ancient parts and buildings  in Warsaw that seem to have survived at the II World War.

I’ve been told that the United States President ( Obama) visited that monument when he came to Warsaw. That monument is dedicated  to the insurrection against the nazis who were in Poland (Warsaw’s jewish ghetto).

Nothing to do with Warsaw, but in the mean time I was crossing  that pedestrian crossing, I could not avoid to take a pic about this weird…race car? Sponsored by Hotwheels!! lol

At the entrance of “The Red Pig” restaurant ( In Warsaw), I found out many photographs framed in the wall about famous people. Among them, one picture of one of my favs actors, the amazing DIE HARD Bruce Willis! 🙂

A photograph that I took of a big picture in the restaurant’s wall. We can appreciate Fidel Castro smoking his usual cigar. I guess that the whole piece is a joke about Communism. ( Upper part of the painting, you can see the logo of the Red Pig restaurant).

The next are pictures that I took of the Library of Warsaw, where many students use to study, consult some books,… But the most beautiful of all of this are the greens gardens that I will show you below. That pink thing is a structure located in front of the entrance. I don’t know about its function, maybe just decoration.

Crystallized roof that allows the light to break through inside.

The typical placard which says ” Keep off the grass!!!” maybe? No idea! (Laugh)

As that pictures shows, you could breath peace and relax in those gardens…So perfect to study! 😛

Below, photographs about “Pole Mokotowskie” park. Its such  A miracle that I could remember its name lol.

Some skyscrapers in the background, and the tallest building in Warsaw (see post called Warsaw I).

Really funny image! In the middle of this giant Park, there is a restaurant with a “barbecue style”, meat and that kind of food. It’s  a well-known restaurant it seems, but as usual, did not notified its name. ( ¬¬ )

While I was taking an image of the barbecue, the chef turned to me like saying “Good Bye” !! A cool guy, no doubt lol!


That was all, my friends. Forgive my absence, but I’ve been really busy last month. I promise to make as soon as possible the post about Krakow, and with it, my trip to Poland will arrive to its end. ( I do not want to fit images about Auschwitz… It is obvious why. If someone  wants that I share my pics and experience with him, please, send me an e-mail (javinoborrar@inbox.com) and I will give you whatever you want. If many bloggers would like that I do so, I will end by posting it… but this YES it’s really shocking of seeing, I just warn!


Yours forever!



3 Responses to “Warsaw II”
  1. Haha!! That car really DOES look like it’s sponsored by HotWheels! It’s so weird that it was driving down a regular road like that!

    Great photos, Javi! Thanks for sharing a little piece of Poland with me today. 🙂

  2. e-booki says:

    This article was really good. I look forward to reading another one.

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