Warsaw I ( Appearances can be misleading ) :D

I’m finally back! 😀

I really loved my trip to Poland, dear bloggers! I highly recommend you to go there. Especially to Warsaw and Krakow, do not miss these two cities! ( even if there are other cities that are really attractive to visit). I have to mention the unusual weather we had. Never witnessed such weird weather, guys! All in a same day, I could see hail, rain, lots of sunny periods, wind, cold and warm weather…I was going crazy because I did not know what kind of clothes I should wear lol!

Despite this, a polish native-born  friend called ” Magda” told me that this kind of weather was not too usual there, because the weather should be a little warmer. I really trust her!

What do I mean when I say that ” Appearances can be misleading”?

Well, I guess that all of you know what people say about Warsaw: a sad and grey city with old buildings and ruins everywhere, like a big museum of the Second World War which shows up how much the polish people suffered during the war.

So, they are really wrong! Even if Warsaw was almost completely destroyed by the nazis , it still conserves its beauty. To have a walk by Warsaw it’s like having a walk through history. You can find monuments everywhere. And what I liked the most: You can find  green spaces over all the city! They say that Warsaw could be a modern city inside a forest, that’s why I felt I could breathe clean air there, lot of little and big parks 😀

Warsaw still being a city trying to modernize and grow up, we have to take that into account at the time of.

I’m gonna make 2 posts about Warsaw so I can show you the best parts of the beautiful capital that I could see without exception.

Below, I will show you some of my favourite pictures that I took in Warsaw. In one or two captions under the pics, I’ll explain you what can you see in the respective pic. Hope you enjoy them!

” Warsaw welcomes you”- referring to the next European championship of football which will be celebrated in Poland and Ukraine.

Uniwersytet Warszawski   ,one of the best universities of Warsaw, if not the best.

This was my favourite street in Warsaw.  So colorful and so wide! I like it because the buildings on both sides are not too high so you do not get overwhelmed at all. ( If you go down the street you find the university ).

Cosy terraces everywhere in which you could take a warm coffee.

“Palace of the Art and Culture”. This is the highest building in Warsaw ( and the most beautiful according to me :P). Altitude is  237 metres.

Taken from the Palace’s top. From there, people seemed to me like little ants lol!


The pictures below were taken by me in the Jewish district of Warsaw. One of the oldest parts of the city, and one of the saddest too. Pure history. In the pics, try to appreciate the bullets holes and the marks of war and destruction on the walls and balconies.

Upcoming, the “Prözna” street. Very famous if you check it on google, you will recognise those pictures. Fixed on the walls and windows there are photographs of people who lived there and died there. Really shocking it was to walk through this street, very well conserved along the years.

The last images were just amazing, breathtaking… so much history gathered among those buildings… I cannot express how do I felt when I walked between those two buildings looking at the “faces” in the pictures.

In this post you can see one of the sad faces of Warsaw. The buildings retain their old beauty anyways. Currently I’m working on the second and last post about Warsaw, which will contain happier pictures 🙂 Do not miss it, I’m sure you will love the “Mokotowskie” Park !! Now I leave you with a nice picture that shows  3 buildings at a time, a church, the Palace of culture again,… They’ve got their back to the Prozna street.

See you soon,


14 Responses to “Warsaw I ( Appearances can be misleading ) :D”
  1. Alex says:

    Awesome buddy !! Eager to read next part.

    I see you reeeeeaaaallly liked Magda. 😉

    • Javi&Palace says:

      yeah she is really helping me to remember the geo-locations of the sites we visited! 😀
      Glad you liked the pics 🙂

      Did you see the two pictures in which you appear? lol!

  2. A J says:

    Very well written, I can feel you really like writing. Very nice photos. Photos of people who died at Warsaw made me little sad. Will be waiting for the happy story of Warsaw.

    • Javi&Palace says:

      Really? Thanks so much 😀

      Yeah, it is sad I know, but people must know to appreciate the importance that history have had in this city/country :). Most of them did not died in Warsaw, but in Auschwitz. Maybe later I’ll work on a little post about it, very censored because this yes would be really sad and dreadful of seeing 😦

      Promise happier pictures soon :)!!

  3. Welcome back My Friend!
    The amount of history that you captured in these photos are amazing!
    Can’t wait for the second half.

    • Javi&Palace says:

      Hey michael! Thank you for your comment, glad you liked the photos! Actually is very shocking, yes. I’m working on the second half, hope you like it 😀

      See you!

  4. Dakota says:

    Hey J … Good morning. Just got a chance to read about your photos and trip, and I love your photos. It shows that the type of camera you have doesn’t matter because you have some beautiful photos here… And great angles. I especially love the last one, and the city photos from above. So beautiful. It looks more cold there, than us here… But it looks all the same, an interesting place. I love the gothic style of the churches.

    • Javi&Palace says:

      Yes, no place like Spain or South France for living dude, almost always warm weather 😀

      But sometimes, I would prefer a colder place for living :P. Yes, the last picture is one of my favourite too , thank you :)!!

      Next post will contain lots of green spaces, you’ll like it, trust me lol!! 🙂

      See you my friend.

  5. I always enjoy your photos Javi and these are just breath taking. Very nice job.

  6. Bama says:

    I never put Warsaw in one of the countries that I want to visit the most. But after seeing your photo of the Palace of The Art and Culture, suddenly I feel like I have to visit this city one day 🙂 The building looks marvelous!

    • Javi&Palace says:

      You should, my friend. Maybe it is not so beautiful as New York, Paris, Barcelona or Rome, but it stills being a beautiful city full of history and old memories 🙂

      Thans for stopping by 🙂

  7. Javi! I haven’t seen you post anything lately! What’s up with that?? 🙂

    These photos are great! It’s not at all what I would expect Warsaw to look like, so thanks for sharing!

    • Javi&Palace says:

      My dear Chris!

      For me it’s a pleasure to see one of your comments in my blog. Always that I see one you cheer up my day, swear it!

      I’ve been out, you know, vacation, family, meetings and so on.

      But thats curious cause I just finished right now my next Warsaw Post, and you just asked about it 🙂 I’m back and I will be active again , by there, as ever 🙂

      Thanks for worrying about me, really apreciate it 🙂

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