Eternal City I

Hi again, dear friends!

I’ve been kind of busy these days, so I couldn’t make any post about my trip to Rome. I’m sorry for the delay 😦

So now, I will share with you some of the pictures I took in Rome. As I took more than 300 photographs, I have selected around 40 of them, that I will show you in two posts: This one, and a coming up post “Eternal City II” 🙂

As I told you previously, Rome fascinated me. I had never been to a similar place before. All was different. In the pictures below, I will show some of the monuments and sightseeing typically of Rome, most of them you surely already knew: Piaza Navona, Fontana di Trevi, San Angelo,… But I also want to say that, to me, the perfect way of seeing Rome was losing myself in their streets and paths. Impregnating myself of the real essence of the city, its people, its stores, its buildings…

Actually, I found this more interesting than visiting the typical monuments like the Colosseo, Piaza Venezia, many famous bridges and so on. Let’s start!

Took from the roof of a building, from where I could appreciate incredible views of the City. At dusk.

I changed the “color-tone” in this picture, just to try. It was took from the same place that the picture above.

This is Piaza Navona. I remember there were lots of people here, sat around this fountain. I wanted this picture without showing any person in it, that’s why I focused just on the statues and not in the water of the fountain lol

Near Piaza Navona,I found those wonderful “gelattos”! I photographed the showcase which contained many “gelattos” very desirable. Unfortunately, I had a “sore throat” so I couldn’t eat one :(, maybe next time!

That’s what I mean when I said that the real essence of Rome is worth to be seen.  Old cozy houses both sides of the streets.

Did I mention that Rome is full of motorbikes? They use to drive really really fast! They seem to be always in a hurry lol! This one almost hits me o.O! Easy to see that I took this picture in movement 😛

The Spanish embassy, near the Spanish square. There, I found a newsman from Intereconomía TV ( obviously, a spanish TV)

( again the weird macro!! My camera is middle-crazy lol!). In the right hand you can see the guy with the blue “oilskin” who carries the camera.

Statue related with…with….agh!!! Forgot the name! An old emperor, but I’m really sorry, I didn’t write down the name 😦

In the background, “Castello San Angelo”. This famous castle has canons 360 degrees, because it is circular. It is said that this castle is connected underground with the Vatican City, Basilica of San Pietro. Maybe it is just a rumour from the film “Angels and Demons”.

Look at the monk who is skating. Isn’t he funny? 😀 He was going really fast!

Fontana di Trevi. I don’t know why I didn’t took an image of the fountain’s water and all the coins there were inside. Among them all, one of my “euros” that I threw 😀

Rome was crossed by the river “Tevere”. It’s a way of giving to the city “a breath”. The river seemed me more beautiful by night, with a turquoise color , so calm!

Here it ends the first post of two about my trip to Rome.  Hope you enjoyed it! And I really encourage you to go there, it will delight you!

I know some pictures were not of a really high quality (some of them even bad quality lol), but I’m on the project of acquiring a new camera to do best pictures in my trips! ( thanks to Dakota for his advises in this scope :))

See you!

14 Responses to “Eternal City I”
  1. SWK says:

    Your captures of the architecture are superb… though I favor the gelatto shot myself 😀

    • Javi&Palace says:

      Thanks 😀 Roman architecture is just amazing. It keeps all the beauty of the ancient times in Rome. Oh, these gelattos… I was about to eat one! A pity 😛

      See you!

  2. Javi these are wonderful. You keep taking photos like this and I will feature you on my blog someday.. Seriously. These are wonderful 🙂

  3. Javi&Palace says:

    Really? Then, I will work really hard on it, because it would be a honor for me 🙂

    Hope you like the upcoming pictures of the second post about Rome. There you can see 2 great sightseeing as The Colosseum and Piaza Venezia, my favourite!:)

  4. Kim says:

    OMG, I want to put my face into the ice cream! Seriously!!°

  5. Javi&Palace says:

    So I felt when I was there lol!! In fact, I thought the same than you xD!!

    Kim, you are German if I’m right, you are near from Italy, you should really go! 🙂

  6. James says:

    Beautiful pictures Javi!! Mis preferidas son la primera y las de Ponte Sant’Angelo, la calidad de la luz en ellas son preciosas!

  7. Breathtaking, beautifully shot, have to go their one day. It’s on my bucket list of things to do. I never had a gelato, but I want one now! Great work..Again.

  8. These are both bringing me back to fond memories of Rome, and simultaneously breaking my heart. It is my favorite place on earth and I miss it so so dearly. Beautiful pics.

  9. Fiona.q says:

    Rome is the city i wanna visit next time in Europe, if there’s a “next time”, lol.

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