Cità del Vaticano…

Hi again, dear readers!! I’m definitely back from Rome!

It was a nice trip, what am I going to say? Rome is just fantastic.

The first place we visited was the Vatican City ( La cità del Vatticano). There were people here and there, all kind of colours and nationalities. You could find french people, polishes, italians, spanish, germans, english…

It was Friday, and although the beatification of John Paul II was celebrated on Sunday, people was there since many days ago, just to get a nice place where they could see the Pope the nearest possible . ( A really hard thing to purchase).

Below, I will show you some of the photographs I took there ( Vaticano). I did my best and I know the pics are not perfect, but I decided to get my little camera for this trip, a Canon Digital Camera around 10 megapixel. In my next trip to Poland I will try with a reflex camera, but before I should learn how to use them lol!

ENjoy! I really encourage you to go there, no matter if you are  religious or not.

Well, as I told you above, they celebrated the beatification of John Paul II, who you can see in the big banner.

We entered by one of the San Pietro square  sides, and we passed through a forest of imposing columns.

This view was the first view I had about the Vatican. The sensation was a mixture between respect and admiration.

In the middle of the square, a great obelisk stood up, a majestic pyramid. On it, I found some entries written in latin.

Near the obelisk, on the right hand, there was one of the four fountains placed in the large square.

Among the people, there were many priests, monks, archbishops, … many carried a rosary with them.

Hundreds of chairs were disposed in the square. There, priests from all over the world would sit the day of the beatification.

I was about to enter inside the St. Pietro Basilica when I took those two photographs. The beauty of the basilica is just amazing. It instills me a lot of respect.

As expected, there were many swiss guards staying near the access gates, without moving, like the famous “Buckingham Palace” guards.

I don’t really know how did I take this picture.  A weird macro… not as good as I wanted. Well, I do not have more pics about this part of the Vatican and I wanted to show this kind of arch, so had no option to change it :S

The floor was full of entries and drawings… I felt like walking on history!

Unfocused picture where you can see the Holy Spirit.

Forgive me guys, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t remember the name of this frame. But I find it beautiful! In fact, all was really beautiful there, and special.

One of the worst things when you travel with no-time-enough, is that you go so fast to try to see as much as you can, that you cannot remember the names of some places you visit. That’s what happened to me with this door and the frame!

In the square, I saw an Italian TV interviewing some pilgrims. The pilgrims shown in the picture are from Poland. ( look at the flag hooked to one of the bags)

People here, and people there! lol

That is “Via Conciliatzione”. I saw many embassies there, among them, the Canadian embassy ( I guess):

It’s courious, because I had seen the Vatican City in many films ( Angels and Demons, or the Da vinci Code,…) , the news, reviews,… And to be there at last, was very emoting and shocking. A great place.

More posts, this time about Rome ( Coliseum, Fontana de Trevi, Rome streets, Piaza Venezia and so on…) coming up!


14 Responses to “Cità del Vaticano…”
  1. Isabel says:

    Maravillosas fotos de una ciudad magnifica.
    Evento unico en su historia, beatificar a Juan Pablo II.
    Cuidate, Bsss Isabel

  2. Javi&Palace says:

    Gracias! LA verdad es que el vaticano es impresionante, como puede sver en las fotografías


  3. Beautiful! I love the way you told this story in pictures. I really have want to visit Rome soon.

    • Javi&Palace says:

      You should, my friend. Rome is…how to describe it…awesome, she hides so many secrets, history fragments, amazing buildings ,monuments and sightseeings. ( I treat Rome by “she” if you don’t mind 😛 )

      And it is not so expensive as they say , so it could be a good destination to get some vacation 🙂

      Thanks for your comment !

  4. Yay! The last photo is my favourite!! Hmm…maybe it’s just because I’m Canadian, eh? 😉

    Lovely photos, Javi! Hopefully I can make a trip to the Vatican at some point in my life! lol!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Javi&Palace says:

    Yes, as I told you in your blog, I was thinking on you when I saw the flag 😀 In fact, I took a photo of the flag just to show it to you 😛

    Yes, I’m sure that some ( near) day you will have the luck of going there, and marvel yourself with the wonderful Basilica di San Pietro 🙂 Then, will you sahre your pictures with me? :D!!!

    • I promise you…if/when I go to Rome, I will be taking LOTS of photos and will post them all over the place! lol!

      Thanks for taking the photo of the flag, by the way…love it! 😀

  6. Javi&Palace says:

    that’s great! :D!

  7. You’re photos are amazing Javi. I can’t wait to go to Rome and see the Coliseum. That’s the place I always wanted to visit.

  8. mike borras says:

    javi! I love your post mate! and those pics you took are fantastic! well, i just wanted to tell you so. BTW, i’ll see u tmrw…lol
    so you’re thinking of going to poland! that’s great mate! how come u didnt told me!!

    • Javi&Palace says:

      Hey Miky! Glad you visited my blog 🙂

      Vatican City was just amazing, have you ever been to? If you have not, you should, believe me when I say that you would have a really good time

      Cya tomorrow friend!

  9. SWK says:

    This is great! Some of the kids at my school went on a departmental trip to Rome to sing for the pope… they are having a lot of fun, from what I have heard!

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