Together again…?

Oh my God, I’m so hopeless!

As you surely know, Evanescence is my favourite group of music. And well, they ain’t released any other CD since 5 years ago. For their fans this is really annoying,  frustrating and  irritating. And, in addition, they didn’t say anything that justify his absence of news on their websites or twitter ,  till now.

Days ago, they anounced they are now  recording the new CD in the studio (since 1 March), wich will have more than 30 new songs! ( that’s what they say)

I’m fretfully waiting for their new work, let’s see what are they going to surprise us with!

This is why I wanted to share with you a beautiful song called “Together again”. At the beginning, it was promoted as a Narnia soundtrack, but they finally refused it cause, according to the Narnia producers, it caused a bit of confusion. Finally, it was released  to help raise money for the relief effort for the recent tragedy in Haiti .

Will Evanescence and their fans be together again? Hopefully yes!

Maybe during the next three months we will get an answer to this. Needless to say that Amy is very excited about her new CD. She says they have been working very hard on their new CD, and that they are not going to disappoint us!


4 Responses to “Together again…?”
  1. Hi, thanks for sharing this song, and I for one think this song would have fit in nicely as part of the Narnia soundtrack and I’ve seen all three movies.

    • Javi&Palace says:

      Yes, I think the same, this song would have been an amazing Soundtrack for Narnia’s chronicles.

      The three movies are fantastic, but for me, the best is the first, The lion, the witch and the wardrobe 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoy it 🙂

      see you

  2. I love them! I was wondering when there next album was going to come out. I hope they go on tour, I would totally go! Thanks for sharing

    • Javi&Palace says:

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yeah, they are amazing, but it’s no good at all, to see how much they last!

      Still in April and nothing. Rumours said they were going to release their CD on March….but well, hope they come back soon 🙂

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