Why Did I Become part of Post A Day/Week.

Even if it’s what I have been doing till now, I will make it official: I just became part of Post a Week! 😀

In my case:

At the beginning, I wanted to join “Post a Day” too, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to cope with it.  I’m part of “Post a Week”, this is true, but this does not means that I will only post once per week. Not at all!

I will try to post  interesting things always I can. Maybe 4 ( If I’m really inspired that week), 3, 2 or 1 posts per week. I am of those who think that it’s better quality than quantity. But maybe other amazing bloggers are able to write awesome posts every day, I’m sure of it.But in my case, when I write, I must be relaxed, without worries like exams or works, without nothing that could mislead me. And, unfortunately,  my weeks have only one or two  days like this.

In addition to this, remembering that English is not my mother-tongue, so when I write I really need to think on what I’m about to write. Well, not so much, but I like to learn new words, speeches, phrasal verbs and so… Then I write slower.

It happens the same thing to me when I watch a film. I always am on the lookout for each word that says every character of the film. When I miss one , or just didn’t have heard it before, I pause the film and note the word in my little films notebook :P. Doing this helps me a lot. ( Like José Mourinho, the Portuguese Real Madrid’s soccer team coach does when he wants to note anything about their players.)

It’s not as switching on my laptop, login into WordPress, click to “Add New post”, and in 15 minutes I’ve created a great post, as if by magic! (laugh). I could do this in my mother-tongue, because I love writing. And I hope that, over time and with the help of my blog and other bloggers, I’m sure I can write faster, even as if it was my mother language.


I think being part of “Post A Week” help yourself to be more constant, to be better on your way of express and of course, it will help yourself internally, into your mind, to better know yourself. Well, that’s what and how I think. Every blogger has his own reasons to become Post A Day, maybe as a kind of challenge.

Yes, why not!? A challenge, that’s it. We all love to overcome little and big challenges, in our day-to-day life. This could be one of those challenges that allowed us to know if we are capable of posting every day. And maybe, if we overcome doing this challenge, it could be a signal wich showed to us that , if we propose it, we can purchase any challenge we want to.

(Feel free to leave comments or corrections about my text if you find any mistake. I will appreciate it :))

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2 Responses to “Why Did I Become part of Post A Day/Week.”
  1. Dakota says:

    Hy Javi, haven’t had time to reply to your last comment on my previous post yet, but I’m honored that you’re mentioning me on your blog and I can’t wait to read it!!! 🙂


    • Javi&Palace says:

      Hi mi friend!

      Dont mention it, I know you were too busy on your AMAZING trip! you are very lucky dude!
      You commented on my blog for the first time, The honor is mine 🙂

      I recently posted about New York again for the last time. Then, during the days ahead I will make the Dakota’s Building post. I dedicated one post to babygirl, this time I will dedicate it to you! Obvious reason 😛

      Waiting for your photographs!

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