Central Park: the green landscape of New York City

Jacqueline Kennedy lake

Dedicated to the New Yorker Babygirl (www.purecomplex.com)

As I promised in my New York post, here I am again with a full dedicated Central Park post. As you all know, this beautiful park is one of the principal  lungs of New York.

In such a big city, smoke and pollution can easily be accumulated. So this Park has more  importance than what you think. Is more than a symbol of the city, or a normal Park like in other cities of the world. It is a way of refreshing the New York environment. But its more than a Park, because it is so giant!

Well, stop so much prattle Javi! And lead us to your photographs! Ok ok that’s what I’m gonna do! lol.


Welcome to Central Park in all its beauty!

( As I guess you all know, CP was before a wasted land. And thanks to the donations of many people, it could be restored. You will see now that worthwhile.

Baseball field in Central Park

One of the United States national sports: Baseball!

Army Plaza

In one of the ends of Central Park, we could find the Army Plaza.

Sunbathing...without beach!

It is very common to see the people sunbathing, as if they were on the beach! But only on sunny days of course!

What the hell? a squirrel!

I don’t know if it is  so common to see squirrels there…but I’m sure that M. was lucky of seeing on of them! They are very cute, don’t you think?

Do you feel like eating an ice cream?

You can find some Ice cream vendors around the Park. Don’t leave NY without having tasted one! They say they are quite good! ( but not better than the Samina’s recipes! check my blogroll and you will see I’m right)

Horse chariots

These horse chariots are a very funny way of taking a tour around Central Park. Or maybe for a couple walk!

Another beautiful view from Jacqueline Kennedy lake to Central Park.

Here I leave, dear bloggers. Hope you have enjoyed this post about Central Park. Hope too that one day I will be so lucky of being there by myself.

Wanted to thank to my aunt M. her amazing pics she has lent to me for this post. Of course they are copyrighted for its owner M., but we really don’t mind about who uses them or not. They are here just for your enjoyment 🙂

4 Responses to “Central Park: the green landscape of New York City”
  1. Babygirl says:

    Oh WOW, your pictures are absolutely wonderful. And I had no idea you dedicated this post to me and for that I am ever so grateful. Wonderful post Javi..

  2. Javi&Palace says:

    Well, I really appreciate you. You have been very friendly and pleasant with me :). And also you are from New York 😛 These are the reasons

    Thank you very much for your comment 🙂


  3. Kim says:

    A squirrel!
    NYC seems to be so lovely! I’ve always wanted to come to New York (and live there *giggle*), I have to start saving money now :S

  4. Moin Kredel says:


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