Frozen waves…

A wave for the eternity...


What do you think about this photo? One of the best that M. have taken without doubt!

It’s amazing how a simple ( well, not so simple :P) camera can capture a moment so amazing,  so shocking, so lovely… and so fleeting! You can perfectly make the drops out, so clearly, and the white  foam of the waves…

A great panoramic for a wave wich is crashing against the rocks covered of green moss. And in the background, a rainy and sad day…  in wich,perhaps, the only wonderful thing on it is this magic wave.

I would like to start doing my own good pics soon, so I am trying to learn the ropes of “the photographs world” bit to bit. Dakota D journal is helping me a lot for it, it has amazing photos worthy of a high prestige travel magazine.

If you interested here you are the link. I’m sure you´ll love its pics, take a look:

(Big Apple post soon, this time yes! I was working on it beside M. Enjoy it :P)


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