A trip to Huesca

It´s been a while since I made this trip with my family. In fact, more than a while, maybe 2 or 3 years ago :P.  I lost all my pics about this trip, but now I have purchased them again, a backup! So just wanted to share some of the “survival” pics of the trip to Boltaña ( Huesca), in the spanish region of Aragón ( North-center Spain).

There we could see very cold rivers, with white foam. I can´t exactly describe in its totally the pictures, because my mind has not fresh reminding about it, because I made this trip 2 years ago. Just wanted to show nice landmarks of Huesca. Even this, pics dont need too many descriptions, because pictures speak for themselves 😛

We were in the middle of hills and mountains. Plus it was winter, so we could see snow, frosty trees,… It was a nice place.

Those trees reminds me to Narnia, the C.S.Lewis inspired film of fiction and fantasy.

Did I get loose in the middle of the forest? Can´t remember!

One of the funniest things I remember about the trip, is that we found a cow in front of us. Yeah, Its true! A blond cow that was looking seriously at us. Remember we got startled cause we thought the cow was going to charge us! But no, the cow just stayed quietly… I think she separated of her cow´s group, I don’t know…

Muuuuh!! lol

This cow is not the only animal we saw. On our way appeared too some ibex sheep.

It was dawning when we left Huesca ( Boltaña). And this is the last pic I took from there.

Well, hope you liked this little “coverage” about Boltaña and it´s landmarks. I am a lover of the mountain, I like it even more than the blue sea. And always I have the chance of going somewhere mountainous, I do 🙂

Little Appointment: I love photography, but I have neither a very very good professional camera nor any kind of studies about photography 😛

What I mean is that, when I see other people blogs, I got amazed by the High Quality of the photography in there . I Hope some day to do pics like those from the HQ photographer blogs 😛

2 Responses to “A trip to Huesca”
  1. bagnidilucca says:

    Great pictures! I am looking forward to visiting Spain in a couple of weeks.

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