A nice Sunday…

Hi to all friends!

Last Sunday I had a very nice day.  We had a meal at our friend´s house, countryside. They live in a very big old house, but it is not the house what is big, but their land possession. They have soundry km of field, in wich they grown up fruits,  artichokes, tomatoes, carrots,… like a litle orchard.

"Calçots" look like this ( and the green sauce ofc)

Nevertheless, wanted to talk you about one of those fruits. Where I live, they are called “calçots”, I guess you dont know what Im talking about, they are very typicial here. I could not find an english word for it, so I will try to describe them.

Calçots growing up

Calçots are a derivative of the onion, well, Im not a specialist about them, but what I know is that you need onions for making them. To sum up, they pil up dust on the onion sprouts to purchase a white stem 25cm about. They alike to leeks, though they are finer. In fact, this is not the funniest thing, but the introductory to the “calçots” world! ( laugh).

What is really droll, is the way people do eat them. They get them from one end, rise them up above their heads and introduce them in their mouths. Other people like to daub them in  an also typically sauce called “romesco”, an orange sauce with a very good spice.

Romesco´s sauce

They were delicious! If some day you got the oportunity to taste them, don´t doubt! I think you will like them , but well, it depends on what tastes you´ve got.

Till there all the pics were not mine ( I´ll put at the end of this post all the wbesite links from where I´ve copy/pasted those pics). However, next yes are mine. I will show you some pics (taken from my mobile phone because I did not get  any camera) about the place where we ate last Sunday.

In the right-hand we can see a calçots" culture.



About 200.000 calçots...

As I told you, pics have been taken with my mobile phone, so its quality is not as good as I would desire but, at least, you can see how it is a natural “calçots” field ^^.

All in all, it was a great evening, with good circle of friends and so… and just wanted to share it with you. This way, if you had not been told about “calçots” or had not any idea about what they are, now, you have!

website used pics (the first 3 pics):


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