How did the “Time Change” affect you?

Yesterday we had to change our clocks’ time. In my country, at 2:00 AM we had to change to 3:00 AM, so everybody lost one hour! It’s said that this is a kind of energy saving measure. And, in addition, now we’ve got more sunshine during our day, it gets dark later. So, how did … Continue reading

Together again…?

Oh my God, I’m so hopeless! As you surely know, Evanescence is my favourite group of music. And well, they ain’t released any other CD since 5 years ago. For their fans this is really annoying,  frustrating and  irritating. And, in addition, they didn’t say anything that justify his absence of news on their websites … Continue reading

How to cheer up your desktop:

Hello again , dear readers ! Some time ago, I collected a series of screensavers for my desktop wallpaper ( Windows…but this does not matter I guess). I didn’t create them, just downloaded them for free, any kind of copyright. Then, of the 500 screensavers that I did download, I would like to share with … Continue reading

Imagine all the people…

Imagine all the people living life in peace… So says the famous John Lennon’s song “Imagine“, which you can listen to above,  from the you tube video. Yesterday I listened again to this wonderful song, and I wanted to stop thinking and start talking about it. About the rhythm of the song, maybe, for example,  … Continue reading

New York 2: Continuing

Well, with this post I will definitely end my “New York” posts series. I had some extra photographs about the city that I couldn’t insert in my last NY post, because I thought it was already long enough. However, I didn’t discarded to create another post with the rest of the photographs, cause I think … Continue reading

Why Did I Become part of Post A Day/Week.

Even if it’s what I have been doing till now, I will make it official: I just became part of Post a Week! 😀 In my case: At the beginning, I wanted to join “Post a Day” too, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to cope with it.  I’m part of “Post a … Continue reading

Central Park: the green landscape of New York City

Dedicated to the New Yorker Babygirl ( As I promised in my New York post, here I am again with a full dedicated Central Park post. As you all know, this beautiful park is one of the principal  lungs of New York. In such a big city, smoke and pollution can easily be accumulated. So … Continue reading

I Love NY!

It was about time I published this post! Days ago I told you that I was going to make a post about New York ( nickname Big Apple). Until now, I could not make it because of my busy week and had not free time, even for writing my blog :S So now, here I … Continue reading

Frozen waves…

  What do you think about this photo? One of the best that M. have taken without doubt! It’s amazing how a simple ( well, not so simple :P) camera can capture a moment so amazing,  so shocking, so lovely… and so fleeting! You can perfectly make the drops out, so clearly, and the white  … Continue reading

A trip to Huesca

It´s been a while since I made this trip with my family. In fact, more than a while, maybe 2 or 3 years ago :P.  I lost all my pics about this trip, but now I have purchased them again, a backup! So just wanted to share some of the “survival” pics of the trip … Continue reading

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