Never saw such a green place…

As I promised you, here I am with new pics of the Norwegian fjords. The pics have been taken by M. , my aunt, who traveled to Norway and NY.  She have got an amazing camera with wich she can take great pics, like I am going to show you now.

( The pics are of a very high-quality, but this theme dont allows me to show pics in all its grandeur. So if you really like some of the pics next, click on it and its size will be increased)

According to my aunt, this trip was maybe the best trip she had ever made. FIrst of all, she was looking for a secluded and isolated place to visit. She chose Norway, because this place met all the requirements sought. Then she took her camera and, ready for taking breathtaking pics, she started the trip.

So, below, Ill share with you about 8 pics. You will find a description or an anecdote of each in the bottom of the pics.

Maloy Northerner cape

Dont be fooled by the force with wich the sun shone, even if it seems a warm day, it actually was very cold that day. The picture shows one of the northerner Capes in Europe (Norway).

Where is the bird going?

Black bird? Eagle?Hawk?Plane?lol! I guess it isnt a plane (laugh).

Well, I love this picture. The background is just amazing, a cloudy sky whose clouds are hiding the sun behind them. But in addition to this, she had the luck of capturing the flight of this bird. An enigmatic contrast, dont  you think?

By nightfall or by dawn?

Do  you remember the film “The Day after tomorrow”? SO, in this film we can see the eye of an amazing ice storm. This picture reminds me of the eye of the big storm.

M.Jackson would say: Mountain in the mirror!

An incredible mirror-effect! The reflection in the water is so clear that it seems an ice  rink.  A clean and transparent water, not like in common beaches!

1:00 AM

What time do you think is it? We would say “8:00 PM or maybe 9:00 PM, at dusk…” So not! This picture was taken at 1:00 AM. Yes,  believe it, in Norway it gets dark late….very late in fact. they have lot of sun hours per day.

Well friends, here ends my aunt´s trip. I leave you an amazing afternoon pciture, ” Made in Norway”. Hope you enjoyed the pics 🙂

A fly-by-night evening...

(c) The pictures that are shown in this post are totally copyrighted by its owner, M. If you need them for any kind of usage, please notify to me 🙂

2 Responses to “Never saw such a green place…”
  1. Breath taking pictures … feels like you are right there! Simply gorgeous … Thanks for sharing!

  2. jptimes says:

    Oh, Im glad you saw my blog runinggarlic 🙂 Thank you very much for your words 🙂 And thanks of part of my aunt 😀

    I invite you to read my next post about my aunt´s NY trip. I will surely share it next saturday 🙂

    see you!

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