Simon Scarrow

Have you ever heard about Simon Scarrow? Don´t you know who is he? Well, that is who I wanted to talk you about today, guys.

Simon Scarrow

Simon Scarrow is an english based   writer who was born in Nigeria. He is best known for his Eagle series of roman military campaigns. I am a fan of the roman books, that’s because I’m very interested on this civilization. When I was told that it was a roman collection books very interesting, I decided to read the first  book of the collection. I liked it so much, that I couldn’t stop to read all the Eagle series.

The collection is composed by 10 books, and an 11th is on the way ( soon, late in 2011), 7 of them I have already read. The rest, I am at it, but I have had to stop of reading because of my studies. I will back reading them as soon as I can.

They are just amazing. You will find a mixture between real happenings and unreal events that  Scarrow´s originate to make more interesting the story.

How did the romans act? Simon will tell you.

I think history can be funny, but can be boring too. I mean, if they tell you, for example, the history of the Spanish Empire, in a documentary way, you will soon get bored, because you wont have fun hearing this, just you will learn dates, names, some important battles, how the empire begins and how it ends, and that’s all. However, if someone ( like Simon or other writers) show you the History in a novel form, with adventures, characters,  a story with a plot…Im sure you will have fun and you will learn a lot of History by reading a story. Even so, you must be careful, not all the things that are told in a novel are true, but so indicates the writer, like invented characters, invented battles, some things that have been modified for the benefit of the novel, etc…

Well, regarding this, Simon´s novels are very faithful to fact.  The principal history events are not modified, neither the emblematic battles, invasions, murders between emperors, conquers…  Before writing anything, he becomes documented about the them he will write about, so what it tells was as fair as possible with the fact. This is what I like the most of Simon. He introduces yourself in a story based on true facts but he also add invented characters that will give emotion to the story.

To sum up, we are talking about a 100% faithful author that won´t deceive you if you are looking to have a good time and to learn more about the roman empire.

* I wanted to add that Simon not only writes about romans, but about Napoleon, Wellington and lot of other history novels that you will find in his biography if you are interested. Here I will just discuss about his roman novels.

The Eagle Series…

There are 10 books in the series so far with the latter due to come out late 2011, as well as a short story:

Under the Eagle (2000)

The Eagle’s Conquest (2001)

When the Eagle Hunts (2002)

The Eagle and the Wolves (2003)

The Eagle’s Prey (2004)

The Eagle’s Prophecy (2005)

The Eagle in the Sand (2006)

Centurion (2008)

The Gladiator (2009)

The Legion (2010)

Hope You liked my post about Simon Scarrow. Im working on the next syntheses blogs or pages of each Simon Scarrow novel. Hope you read and like them 🙂



3 Responses to “Simon Scarrow”
  1. Blogggger says:

    Great posts dude ill be on the lookout of all your newer posts

  2. wordsfallfrommyeyes says:

    You know, I had not heard of Simon Scarrow yet HAD heard of the Eagle series of books. HOW can it be an author is forgotten & the title so prominent! When you look at all the books, Simon’s name is as large as ‘the Eagle Series’ titles – bigger. It’s funny, that. I think it’s really great you put him out there, and photographed his books. You have an interesting choice of reading. Great post 🙂

    • Javi&Palace says:

      Hi again emmm… can I call you Eyes? Till I know your real name or a nickname you’d like I used 🙂

      In fact, this was my SECOND post that I created in this blog, so I’m really happy that you visited and enjoyed it. Thanks so much.

      And yes, Simon’s books are just AWESOME. If you like romans, I really encourage you to read one of his books, try them :)!

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