Hi to all guys!

Today I will tell you about Evanescence Metal Group and its star, Amy Lee.

Evanescence is one of my favourite music groups, if not the best of all of them. Do you want to know why?

Well, I have found something special in the voice of Amy, the Evanescence´s vocalysit. Her voice is  so sweet, melancholic, heady, emotional… she can perfectly transmit to yourself the music she is singing. It is like  she is telling a story by singing.

Amy Lee


I think her voice is what does special this group, because Im sure you wont see any similar voice on any other group, that’s why Evanescence is different and special.

They know how to combine the “heavy metal” style, with a bit  of electro-pop and an amazing voice, not like other metal groups which are all time screaming with a weird voice ( That even  is not  their original voice). Compelling lyrics, poignant piano and stunning vocals, fused with Terry Balsamo’s urgent yet intricate guitar to form a seamless, ethereal mixture that perfectly channels the band’s hard rock and classical sensibilities.

Although they preserve the gothic and heavy style that characterizes Evanescence,  so they hold on his original style of music of ever.

Plus, it is not a satanic music, it is just melancholic and relaxing, empowering music. Also the lyrics are amazing, very well thought and composed, and they give you a message on each verse of the song. Each song has a meaning, and in mostly of them you can find an identification with your real life. That is one of the reasons why I like this group, this vocalist.

My Favourite Evanescence´s Songs.

Below, I will make a list with my favourites songs of Evanescence.

Lithium Song


(YOUtube Links)

1- Lithium


2- Bring me to life


3- Going under


4- Whisper


5- Sweet sacrifice


6- Missing


7- My Immortal


8- Call me when you are sober


Well, all in all, I really love all Evanescence songs without exception, but those are some of the songs that I listen to more often.

So guys, if someone of you has never heard about Evanescence, I really recommend you to listen to some of the songs I show here. I am sure you will love it, or at least, you could appreciate a very nice voice , the Amy´s voice.


Fallen, Anywhere but home and The open door


Evanescence  has recorded several albums till now,  his first one in 1998 (Evanescence EP), to follow with:

Sound Asleep EP (1999)

Origin (2000) This marked the beginning of Evanescence.

Mystery EP (2003)

Fallen (2003) This was and is very succesful album.

Anywhere but home (2004)

The Open door (2006) His latest album. Includes amazing new songs like Lithium, Missing,…

Evanescence today:

Four years ago since last Evanescence´s album was recorded. Until then, millions of Evanescence fans are waiting for another work of  Amy.

Well, don’t worry about guys, because our Deity wont deceive us. I have been told that Amy is recording another Album, of wich nothing is known, neither name nor departure date. All that I know is that, MAYBE, Evanescence will released his new album late in 2011. So be patient, and leave Amy work calmly, because I’m sure she is doing his best to give us an amazing music gift!

7 Responses to “Evanescence”
  1. I love the song “Lithium. ”
    Good job with the web guy! Congratulations! 😉

  2. Alex says:

    I love Any Lee i love Evanescence i love the song – My immortal . Great web .

  3. dd16591569 says:

    Hi 🙂
    I am not into such music but I like your style and writing in telling about the group

    • Javi&Palace says:

      Thanks 😀

      I love music, I can listen to many different styles and like them 🙂

      But Evanescence brings me back special feelings and remindings, thats why I really appreciate them.

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