Change of Blog

wow wow wow!! It’s been a long time ago since I last wrote here. Maybe the fact my laptop was broken and that I hadn’t really much time to write have something to do 😛 Days ago I decided to start a new blog. I changed my user as well. This was my first wordpress blog … Continue reading

Happy Halloween 2012!!

Well guys, I feel sorry for having been so absent the last October. As I said in my last post, I started University approximately a month ago in Barcelona, and till now I’ve been settling myself there, meeting nice new people and studying. That took most of my free time away. Now that I feel … Continue reading

A new experience…

Hi pals, Last Thursday the college started for me. I always thought that when that day came, I could barely control my nerves and that I would definitely feel lost. Nonetheless, it wasn’t like that. More than nervous, I was curious and willing to start a new phase in my life, probably one of the … Continue reading

Barcelona, there we go!

Hi dear readers, This summer has been like a huge break for me. Believe it or not, I didn’t do anything of special, just common stuff. I’m fortunate enough to have beach just some miles away from where I live, so it’s a matter of no more than 10 minutes to reach it and sunbathe … Continue reading

Las Meninas “3D”

Hi again, dear friends. Before anything else, wanted to tell you that I  have, at last, been assigned to the University I wanted to study at ^^ So late this year I’ll be moving to Barcelona. But don’t worry, I hope to be able to write and read WordPress blogs from there,  through my laptop!  … Continue reading

Summer is here, at last…but this time is Different.

It’s really comfortable to feel in my fingertips the touch of the keyboard’s keys again, and their unchanging and annoying melody when typing on them ^^ Almost two months since I last posted something here…two months! It’s way too amazing to see how fast time passes by, just like a lightning:  you can see it, … Continue reading

Please…forgive me!!

I’m so so so soooorry dear readers and bloggers from WordPress! You cannot imagine how busy I’ve been the last month. Nonetheless, it’s been worth the waiting, since I could pass 0K all my exams 🙂 Thanks to all who were supporting me, I really appreciate it. So, forgive me, guys, I’ve been missing you … Continue reading

Holy Week in Spain II ( Málaga)

Well, after a break of about 14 days, here we are with the second part of the Holy Week I lived in Málaga 🙂 This time, I’ll show you more about the city and less about the parades ^^ I hope you like it. In these pictures you can see the view we had from … Continue reading

Holy Week in Spain I (Málaga)

Hi again, dear bloggers and readers! Almost 20 days have passed by since I last wrote something up here, way too much! I’ve had my reasons though, since I’ve been busy with my studies again and I went to Málaga (Southern Spain) for a week. This is what I wanted to talk you about today … Continue reading

Which would it be the perfect soundtrack for Springtime?

How are you doing, WordPress Family? I’m fretfully waiting for Easter , because I can’t help feeling like reading every single mail I got in my inbox about your various blogs, guys! Oh, how many interesting things I feel that I am missing right now! Well, be patience Javier, this moment is getting closer and … Continue reading

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